10 Business Lessons to Learn from Baseball (Part 1)

Business LessonsWhy Watching Baseball is a Good Opportunity for Learning Valuable Business Lessons

America’s favorite pastime isn’t great just for enjoyment and relaxation purposes; it’s also the source of numerous life and business lessons.  After all, some of our culture’s most popular sayings (“You can’t win  ‘em all,” “He really hit a home run that time,” and “He was out before he reached First Base,” for example) which come from the diamond, are also heard in the business world.  Whether you’ve spent years in the dugout, in the stands, or in the boardroom, hopefully these insights and business lessons will provide inspiration.

Business Lessons #1: It’s a Long Season

Although great players play hard every pitch during the lengthy baseball season, they also know how to pace themselves; shake off a missed strike and move ahead.  In business, you need this same perspective.  A baseball player won’t hit a home run every time at bat, just as your perfectly crafted sales page won’t convert each and every time.

On a team level, most clubs are striving for a winning season — meaning they win more than they lose.  That should be your goal, too — to win more than you lose.  and when you do lose — clients, accounts, mailing list subscribers — dust off your cleats and try again; don’t let one bad pitch, game or campaign ruin your season.

Business Lessons #2: Play all Nine Innings

Comebacks happen, even in the ninth inning — and beyond.  And of course, the reverse is true.  For every comeback kid, there is a losing team.  The business lessons for small businesses to heed is obvious:  It ain’t over until it’s over.  Anything can happen, and that’s why the game has nine innings.

Example of big comebacks:

  • Target came back from near-obscurity to take on discount retailer Wal-Mart
  • Apple was almost belly-up when Steve Jobs returned to re-invigorate the company
  • Vans shoe company was limping along until it became the footwear of choice for a generation of skateboarders

Don’t become too discouraged by an apparent loss, and don’t become too comfortable with a certain win.  A change of pitcher — or a change in the economy or market conditions — can work in your favor or against you.  A new customer can change the whole game, as can a new competitor.  Playing all nine is synonymous with doing your best, even when defeat — or victory — seems certain.  It is the mindset of a winner — there is always tomorrow.

Business Lessons #3: You Have to Swing to Get a Hit

It isn’t enough to just get on base because the pitcher threw balls, you have to take a risk to get in the game — You have to swing to get a hit.  The same is true in business.  Sure, you can score every once in a while because your competition is so bad that customers will choose anything else.  But to really be a superstar and make something happen, you’ve got to get a hit.  And to get a hit, you have to swing.  As far as business lessons go, It’s as simple as that.

Business Lessons – Part 1 Conclusion

If you found these first three business lessons helpful, leave a comment below.  Business Lessons #4 – 7 will follow tomorrow.

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