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See How Easily You Can Attract Good Quality Clients For Your Business

Learn How to Attract More of Your Ideal Clients!

see_how_easily_you_can_attract_good_quality_clients_for_your_businessEveryone wants more clients…but even more important than the quantity of your clients is the quality.  For mentoring to be enjoyable, it’s important to find just the right client for you.  Simply putting yourself out there as the leader and mentor isn’t enough.  You need to give the right people the right reasons to work with you and to stay working with you.   Read More→

You Don’t Have To Stink To Be Good!

Ooooh that smell, can’t you smell that smell?


Those may be widely popular words of a Lynyrd Skynyrd song, but those same words surely cross the minds of just about anyone who has had the “opportunity” of experiencing the locker room or an equipment bag of a hockey player. Read More→

Sports, Injuries, and Essential Oils

As Long As Sports Are Played, Injuries Will Follow

Physical activity is necessary for normal growth in children.  However, when the level of participation becomes too intense or excessive, injury an occur.  With an estimated 25 million scholastic, and another 20 million organized community-based youth programs in the United States, the opportunity for injury is enormous.  sports_injuries_essential_oils

If your child gets hurt, s/he should stop playing.  Continuing to play can cause more harm.  

Should your child become injured while participating in sports, the best treatment plan is R.I.C.E.:  Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  R.I.C.E. is a method to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and speed healing.

Sometimes rehabilitation and/or surgery will be required to correct the injury.  However, a leading alternative to consider for healing injuries is essential oils; just make sure to use therapeutic-grade, because not all essential oils are created equal.   Read More→

Make Your Dreams Come True Through Hard Work and Self-Belief

Being the mother of an athlete is a challenging yet rewarding role.

dreamsWatching your kids grow and mature while they practice a skill and feel good about themselves as they improve is very rewarding.  Not to mention the friendships made with the other parents while sitting on the sidelines.

The challenges occur when things seem impossible, you have to remind them their goals, their dreams are still achievable.  That dreams are within reach if they love what they do, believe in themselves, and work hard to improve.  To believe that by working on their skills, the results will take care of themselves. Read More→

How To Save Time and Get Blog Posts Done…Quickly! (Part 3)

21 Ideas For Writing Your Blog Posts Fast

Welcome back to the third and final entry in a series for how to save time in creating blog posts fast.

blogA quick review of the main points we covered in Part 2 of Writing Your Blog Posts Fast:

  •  Keep a swipe file for all of your blog post ideas
  • Set a timer, to develop self-discipline for creating short blog posts
  • Keep your blog posts “conversational” to engage your readers Read More→

How To Save Time and Get Blog Posts Done…Quickly! (Part 2)

21 Ideas For Writing Your Blog Posts Fast

blogA quick review of a few of the main points we learned in Part 1 of Writing Your Blog Posts Fast:

  • Eliminate distractions
  • Write what you know
  • Create a series out of lengthier blog posts…which keeps your readers wanting more!

Let’s continue with the second installment of ideas and tips for Writing Your Blog Posts Fast…. Read More→

How To Save Time and Get Blog Posts Done…Quickly! (Part 1)

21 Ideas  for Writing Your Blog Posts Fast

blogThe more you blog, the quicker you’ll grow at writing effective, punchy blog posts.  But in the meantime, here are twenty-one proven ideas for speeding up that process!

1.   Eliminate distractions.  Disconnect from the net.  Close Facebook.  Activate your telephone answering machine.  Shut your home office door, if you can. Read More→

Email Style – Using Your Authentic Voice

The Importance of Having An Email Style

Email styleHere’s one aspect of your marketing no one ever seems to fully explore.  You’ll find articles on email strategy all over the web, but not too many articles seem to acknowledge the importance of your email style in creating the sort of loyalty and consistency that helps grow healthy lists. Read More→

Email Strategy…Your Plan of Attack!

Deciding On Your Email Strategy

Email StrategyOnce you’ve thought about your target customer, did your homework and made notes of any social media or forum interactions that might provide relevant clues, it’s time to settle on an email strategy.

Here are two simple core requirements that are mandatory and compulsory, if you want any email strategy to succeed: Read More→

Email Marketing: Why?

Understanding the Psychology of Email Marketing

email marketingThe return on investment for email marketing remains stronger than ever, especially in the B2B, business-to-business sector.  Understanding a little about how people use email nowadays and how they respond will give you  an edge your competitors may not have clued into, yet.  Two factors are at work in this: Read More→