Branding: 7 Tips for Branding Your Business

Branding – What Does It All Mean?


BrandingBranding your business is a way to manage the reputation of your business, products and services.  It’s more than just a photo, the graphics, or the colors you use on your site.  It’s also about the feeling you stir up in your target audience.  The feelings you want your market to feel are those of trust.  When they like, know, and trust you, they will buy from you.  Your branding efforts should focus on evoking that trustful emotion from your customers.

 Branding Tip #1 – Know Your Why

Answer these questions:

  • How did you get started?branding
  • Why did you get started?
  • Where are you going?

These three questions need to be answered.  Why?  To be relate-able and to create trust.  Use those answers to create a great mission statement that tells the why of your business’ existence in such a way that compels buyers to choose your products and/or services over your competitors.  Knowing why you do what you do is half the battle to creating and making your branding effective.

Branding Tip #2 – Know Your Target Market

A lot of business owners get stuck trying to figure out who their target audience is.  Unfortunately, you cannot create a good brand if you don’t know who your audience is.  You must know yourself and your market for the match to work.   It’s imperative to determine exactly who you are creating products and services for in order to effectively expand your branding to them.  Your target audience is never, and I mean never, everyone.

Branding Tip #3 – Create A Tagline

Using the knowledge you develop when you study your market and figure out your “why”, create a catchy and persuasive tagline.  Your tagline should express the benefits of your product or service in a concise, catchy way.  It should be memorable and positive.  Something people will know means your business the moment they see or hear it.

Branding Tip #4 – Value Your Uniqueness

BrandingTo effectively brand your business, you need to create a narrative that explains how your business came to be, and your reason for getting up in the morning and for doing whatever it is that you do.  By telling your story in such a way as to speak to your target audience about your products and services, you’ll create a good feeling that encourages your customers to buy.

Branding Tip #5 – Participate

Whether your target audience is online, or offline, it’s important that you be part of the conversation and take part in the discussions.  Join trade groups, subscribe to magazines and newsletters, read books, participate in surveys.  In other words, be involved in your community, and listen to the buzz about your business both online and offline.  What is your target audience talking about?

Branding Tip #6 – Use The Technology Available

Today, building your brand can happen both online and offline.  Don’t ignore popular technology such as social media, newsletters, website, and etc. . . . Proper branding requires that you are monitoring your buzz on these social media sites, keeping your website updated and fresh, and using the technology that your customers use.

Branding Tip #7 – Be Excellent

The best way to build a great brand image is to please the customers you have.  By providing above par customer service you will create out and out cheerleaders for your business.  Word of mouth has always been the most important component of any marketing effort and the best way to get good word of mouth is by taking care of your clients by being responsive, respectful and resourceful.

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