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Email Style – Using Your Authentic Voice

The Importance of Having An Email Style

Email styleHere’s one aspect of your marketing no one ever seems to fully explore.  You’ll find articles on email strategy all over the web, but not too many articles seem to acknowledge the importance of your email style in creating the sort of loyalty and consistency that helps grow healthy lists. Read More→

Email Strategy…Your Plan of Attack!

Deciding On Your Email Strategy

Email StrategyOnce you’ve thought about your target customer, did your homework and made notes of any social media or forum interactions that might provide relevant clues, it’s time to settle on an email strategy.

Here are two simple core requirements that are mandatory and compulsory, if you want any email strategy to succeed: Read More→

Email Marketing: Why?

Understanding the Psychology of Email Marketing

email marketingThe return on investment for email marketing remains stronger than ever, especially in the B2B, business-to-business sector.  Understanding a little about how people use email nowadays and how they respond will give you  an edge your competitors may not have clued into, yet.  Two factors are at work in this: Read More→