How To Save Time and Get Blog Posts Done…Quickly! (Part 2)

21 Ideas For Writing Your Blog Posts Fast

blogA quick review of a few of the main points we learned in Part 1 of Writing Your Blog Posts Fast:

  • Eliminate distractions
  • Write what you know
  • Create a series out of lengthier blog posts…which keeps your readers wanting more!

Let’s continue with the second installment of ideas and tips for Writing Your Blog Posts Fast….

12. Dig out that never-used batch of PLR.  If you’re like the seventy-eight percent surveyed in a recent poll, you’ve bought PLR (private label rights generic content) and never got around to using it.

Now is the time to dig it out!  Use it.  Either do a heavy rewording, moving paragraphs around and deleting several…or just use it as an Idea Mine.

Blog Posts: Swipe Files = Your External Memory for Content

13. Keep an “Idea Jar” — either a literal one or a file folder on your desktop.  These are also known as ‘swipe files”.  Every time an idea for a blog post hits you…

14. Pick a keyword.  Similar to the Idea jar, keep a Keyword File or Excel spreadsheet.  This numbered list should contain keywords that are evergreen — ones that will never go out of date for your niche.

When you find yourself stuck, either pick a keyword from your File at random, or (if you want to add spice and danger) roll at least three dice, add up the total and go write your blog post about the keyword that comes up at that number on your list.




15. Set the timer.  If an idea hits you, just write the post!  But before you begin, set your computer or kitchen stove timer for a short period of time (no more than fifteen minutes, max!)

If the buzzer goes off before you’ve finished, save your post into an Idea Jar file called “In Progress” (or whatever works for you better).  Go back to your regularly scheduled work.  Much later — perhaps as much as weeks later — dig one of these semi-completed blog posts out, when you need to come up with a post for your blog (or for a client, if you’re a content writer).

Finishing a half-written blog post is much easier than thinking up an entirely new one.  It will feel like a delicious cheat — and you’ll gain lots of practice in self-discipline and increasing your speed by using the buzzer.  (It can even feel like a really fun game!)

Basing your blog post on one keyword can really help you focus and streamline each

16. Think “conversation”.  You’re telling your story to your reader directly.  And inviting a response by doing so!

17. Write daily.  Nothing speeds one’s writing time up more than getting into the habit of writing.  One post a day is better than none — but why not make it three posts?

The key:  Making them short (anywhere from 250-500 words) and never letting yourself go over that limit (builds self-discipline and reinforces structure).

 Blog Posts – Part 2 Conclusion

Create a system to log key ideas for pending blog posts:  Use an Idea Jar or Swipe file, and a keyword list to keep subject matter fresh and available.  This will help to eliminate the question of “What will I blog about?”  Also, keep your blog posts “conversational”…engage your reader, don’t talk at them; stories sell.

Did you find this second set of blog ideas helpful?  If so, please share them.  To see the first set of  blog tips, click here.  The final blog posting tips will follow tomorrow in Part 3.

Happy Writing!





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