How To Save Time and Get Blog Posts Done…Quickly! (Part 3)

21 Ideas For Writing Your Blog Posts Fast

Welcome back to the third and final entry in a series for how to save time in creating blog posts fast.

blogA quick review of the main points we covered in Part 2 of Writing Your Blog Posts Fast:

  •  Keep a swipe file for all of your blog post ideas
  • Set a timer, to develop self-discipline for creating short blog posts
  • Keep your blog posts “conversational” to engage your readers

Let’s move on to our final installment of ideas and tips for Writing Your Blog Posts Fast…

18. Use a Template — especially if you’re writing reviews.  It’s not always easy to write a short review post.  In fact, many times you will get better results if you write in more depth:  But using a template can help make the process relatively painless (as well as deeply grooving those neural pathways in your mind).


 Blog Posts: It’s All About The Structure

19. Stick to a basic structure.  If you don’t to use a template, make sure you learn the basic structural elements of a strong blog post:

  • A beginning paragraph that makes a statement and promises what the reader will learn
  • At least two or three middle paragraphs that expand on the premise
  • A summary, that brings your blog post to a strong conclusion
  • A call to action, enticing comments or click-throughs from your reader

Do use sub heads and/or a few bullet points, if your blog post is over 350 words long.  Sub heads and bullet points break up the text…and make the reader feel that your blog post is even easier and quicker to read!

20. Don’t edit as you write.  Doing the latter is the surest way to:

  • Taking the fire out of your writing
  • Going off on a tangent
  • Losing the conversational feel and immediacy of your blog post
  • Undermining your own confidence
  • Putting how you say things ahead of your vital message
  • Stealing time away from your day and adding it to the writing process
  • Throw off your pacing (story flow)

(There will be plenty of time to look for typos or worry about how to spell Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis later.)

21. Create a plan and use a Blogging Calendar.  Brainstorming and planning all your blog post topics for the month ahead is a wonderful way to get you into the habit of writing, thus speeding up the process.

Knowing your blog post topics ahead of time also helps you to:

  • Grab a great graphic if you come across one
  • Make note of useful research links
  • Mull topics over in your mind
  • Seize the opportunity to ask experts questions
  • Read related material

And the beauty of it is, if you follow this method, all the fiddly stuff is done in advance.  What does this mean?

blogWell, say you are browsing the net, looking for graphics for today’s batch of posts.  While checking out the “People” category in your favorite photo clipart site, you come across a photo of a small girl in a lilac dress, holding a posy of violets.

You realize this photo is the perfect illustration for next Wednesday’s blog post on “Adding a Flower Girl to Your Wedding”.  Copy it, format anything that needs to be formatted — the point at which most bloggers lose the most time — and save it.

Your photo will be ready to instantly drop in and go.

In conclusion….

Even if you don’t use every one of these twenty-one speed tips for your blog post writing, adapt as many as you can.  Writing blog posts efficiently and quickly is mostly a matter of habit and practice.  And the best part is…anyone can do it!  Anyone can reduce their post-writing time.

Try it and see!


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Do you have any blog post writing tips that you’d like to share?  Please post them in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.



  1. Hi ! Loved this post. I have great ideas and content, but I am a terrible writer. I just wanted to let you know , this link is broken: “planning all your blog post topics for the month” (if it’s supposed to link). Yesterday I completed my editorial calendar and now I have 101 scheduled posts. I hope I don’t regret it hahaha!!!


    • Breezie,
      Thank you so much for the “heads up” about the possible broken link. That text however is just underlined; links are highlighted in a different color. But I appreciate you bringing this to my attention as a possible problem.

      I’m glad you found the post content helpful. Keep at it and before you know it, you will be writing all of the time…and will no longer consider yourself a “terrible writer.” It just takes a little practice and I can tell with your enthusiasm you will achieve your goals.


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