How To Save Time and Get Blog Posts Done…Quickly! (Part 1)

21 Ideas  for Writing Your Blog Posts Fast

blogThe more you blog, the quicker you’ll grow at writing effective, punchy blog posts.  But in the meantime, here are twenty-one proven ideas for speeding up that process!

1.   Eliminate distractions.  Disconnect from the net.  Close Facebook.  Activate your telephone answering machine.  Shut your home office door, if you can.

Try to pick your ideal time of day to write – for example, at 9:30, when you’ve got that freshly-made cup of coffee sitting on your desk.  

And make that time slot sacred:  You’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes to start writing creatively, when it’s a daily habit.  (Think “Pavlovian conditioning”.)

2.  Keep it short.  One idea per blog post will easily fit within 350-450 words.  (If you find yourself passing 750 words,you’ve got two or more ideas — split them up!)

3.  Re-use and Re-cycle.  Do you have any old articles you’ve written?  Reports?  Blog posts that never got off the ground?  Put them to good use and re-purpose them into new blog posts.  Here’s how…

  • Go through your piece of old content and use a yellow highlighter to isolate individual ideas
  • Pick one
  • Write a short post (no more than 450 words) just on that single idea alone

If you do this for an entire document such as a report or even just a longer article, you should have a nice batch of cohesive, coordinated blog posts in an afternoon!

Blog Posts: Write What You Know

4. Write about what you know.  Stick to subjects you know by heart, this will help keep the word length of your blog post down!  (See Idea #1.)

5.  Write first, research later.  This tip goes hand-in-glove with Idea #3.  When you’ve finished  your blog post, re-read it.  You’ll know if you need to expand on a statement with a line or two of research to add credibility to it.

6. Write first, find photos later.  If you start looking for the right photo in the middle of your blog post, it’s far too easy to become distracted by portfolios full of wonderful visuals as you scroll through Google images or your favorite photo clipart site.

(The inverse of this strategy — finding photos, then basing your blog posts on them — can also provide a fun way to perk up your idea-generation process.)

7.  Share a gem.  If you produce a really fascinating fact, helpful link, hidden shortcut or little-known resource, you really don’t need to write pages and pages about it!  All people will see, want and grab is your golden take-away.

8.  Use a screenshot.  If your blog post sharing that wonderful hidden resource is only 250 words long, bulk up its interest quotient and value by adding a teaser screenshot, showing some aspect of the resource that is sure to make your reader want more.

9.  Start at the end.  One trick widely used by professional bloggers is to write their conclusion first.  Then write the introductory paragraph and several bullet points leading to the conclusion.

Cut your bullet points down to no more than five to seven, tops.  Create paragraphs out of the remainder.  (Choose the points you feel either require expansion or that are most important.)

10. Make your reader want more.  It’s better to leave your readers wanting more than put them to sleep with pages of weighty research or — even worse — your unedited, in-depth opinion.  (Think “teaser”.)

Blog Posts – Part 1 Conclusion

The more powerfully you say something, the less you’ll have to explain.  Don’t use 1,500 words if 300 will do.

Did you find these first ten blog post tips helpful?  If so, leave a comment below.  The remaining tips will follow in Part 2 tomorrow.

Happy Blogging!




  1. Cindy,

    I love the coffee image. I actually made my self a cup of coffee which slowed me down to a “take a break” mentality which allowed me to read and enjoy.

    Great article! #2 Keep it short (350-450 words) has been the greatest revelation for me over the years. Who has time for 750+ word posts? I like to read short posts and walk away with one idea rather than a laundry list of task-to-do, that ultimately become a burden because there is never enough time. I’ve printed off your post and will apply all your steps to try to get my last 11 posts for one/day for the 30-Day Blogging Simplified Live Blogging Challenge & Contest.

    • Thanks the feedback Sandra. The ‘keeping it short’ is a struggle for me. I have a tendency to run long; I always end up going back to re-edit to shorten the post. Having reminders helps me as well. Glad to hear this struck a chord with you too.

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