See How Easily You Can Attract Good Quality Clients For Your Business

Learn How to Attract More of Your Ideal Clients!

see_how_easily_you_can_attract_good_quality_clients_for_your_businessEveryone wants more clients…but even more important than the quantity of your clients is the quality.  For mentoring to be enjoyable, it’s important to find just the right client for you.  Simply putting yourself out there as the leader and mentor isn’t enough.  You need to give the right people the right reasons to work with you and to stay working with you.  

Finding Clients

1.  Know who you’re talking to

It’s impossible to attract the correct client, if you don’t know who you’re Ideal Client is.  By defining specifically who your Ideal Client is you’ll find:

  • You’ll only work with people you like working with
  • Your Ideal Clients are more likely to say yes to working with you because you cater to their needs so well…you speak their “lingo”.

Not only do you need to know factual data about your client (age, gender, income level, educational level), you also need to know what “makes them tick”…their attitudes, the values they hold, their lifestyle, opinions, their pain points (what problem are they trying to solve).  Empathizing with your ideal client gives you deeper insights into their daily lives and provides you with the answers on how to help them.

2.  Stand out from the crowd

What part of your business is unique?  This “unique” aspect should be the front of your business.

Do you specialize in retirement options?  Or holistic foods/remedies?  How about women baby boomers looking for ways to earn more money?  Maybe you help Mom’s find a way to work from home so they can spend more time with their children?

Potential clients are always looking for that special something about a business or person that sets it apart from others.   Think about it: Prospects have many choices amongst you and your competitors from which to choose and whom to trust.  Show them you’re not the average “Joe” – and why.  Do this, and you’ll be sure to win them over.

3.  Don’t try to be everything to everyone

Don’t try to provide everything to everyone…this is a bad move and your business will suffer.  If you market to everyone, you market to no one.  Be specific about the services you want to provide and who you want to market them to.  The more specific you are results in your prospects considering you an expert…and that’s a good thing.

Once you have your target market/niche and unique positioning defined, this part becomes a lot easier.

4.  Present yourself as an expert

Prospects are more likely to buy from someone who knows the industry in which they operate.

  • Blog – Make your blog the “go to” place for information your prospects need; provide value.
  • Agree to being interviewed on your subject matter.
  • Be a guest blogger on other forums, communities, etc. providing content on your area of expertise.
  • Create a weekly newsletter and provide to your email subscribers
  • Start a podcast
  • Hold a webinar

 5.  Be specific in your advertising

Make sure your advertising speaks specifically to your target market, so choose the websites, trade publications, etc. carefully.

6.  Build that list!

A saying you will hear often is “the money is in the list”, so as soon as possible, start building your list of prospects.  This is accomplished by offering a special item, usually referred to as either an “ethical bribe” or “compelling offer” (ex. a report, e-book, video, or how-to-guide) to your prospects.  In order to gain access to your offer, they must first give you their name and email address.

7.  Become social!

Join social networking platforms/websites that specialize in connecting people; such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Begin building a network of friends and followers by sharing valuable pieces of information and tips geared towards your target market.


You constantly want new potential clients coming your way.  So keep in tune with your target market and their pain points.  You are there to help them solve a specific problem they are experiencing.  Revisit your marketing to ‘check and adjust’ your message, where needed, to make sure it resonates with your niche.

This is how to eliminate the need to chase down friends and family to try your products or join your business.  Instead, you will attract prospects that will chase you down in order to join your team.

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Yours in success!





  1. Cindy,
    This is a great list for those just starting out and those that have been online for awhile but are still struggling. These things, if done well, build a great foundation for any business.

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