Target Audience: The key to generating more website traffic

Targeting your Ideal Client

Target Audience / Ideal ClientWhen you put content of any kind on your website, it is imperative that you know who you are putting the content out there for.  If you don’t know who your target audience is, you can’t properly market anything of value to them, such as an article, a blog post, an eBook, or a video, much less a product or service.  Your target market is not “everyone” or “all business owners” or “all moms” or all of any group.  You have to niche down your target audience to specifics.  Perhaps your target audience is business owners who have brick and mortar businesses that sell beauty supplies to Latino women between the ages of 14 and 19.  To instead decide your target audience is anyone who uses beauty supplies would be a huge mistake.

Get more website traffic by knowing your target audience

You might not realize that you need to be that specific Target Audiencewhen deciding upon your target audience, but you do need to do that so that you know who you’re talking to.  This is not to say if someone else buys from you, or uses your products you’d turn them down, no, of course not.  But all of your marketing materials, directions, blog posts, articles, and products are created with the target audience in mind.  This will make it many times easier for you to decide what content you need and when to use the content.  It will also help you decide what products you need to promote.  By doing this, you will attract more targeted website traffic faster than you ever thought possible.

 Create a Compelling Offer – aka “Ethical Bribe”

Once you know your target audience and have a product or service to promote, write five to ten 400 to 500 word articles that are general in nature but directed toward your target audience.  Some ideas are: “How to”, “Five ways to”, “Why you need to”, “10 Mistakes Your Market Makes” and so on. Then, take those articles, expand on them and make them more specific to create an eBook to give away free in exchange for email addresses. Collecting email addresses might not increase your traffic, but having  a good and targeted email list will increase your sales.

Then take the eBook, and break it up, adding even more specifics so you can create about 10 to 20 blog posts; all with a call to action of some kind within the text.  You can also promote products on your blog posts, and ask for feedback and comments.  Throughout these pieces of content, always remember to include the keywords that will resonate with your target audience:

  • In every photograph or graphic that you use, include keyword rich alternative tags.  
  • In every blog post, remember to include h1 and h2 headers to attract more search engine traffic.  
  • Always remember to add keyword tags and keywords using a specialized plugin for your site if you use WordPress.  

All of these steps will help increase your targeted traffic audience exponentially.

The important thing is that your content be directed toward your target audience.  To get to know your target audience you need to conduct market research.  

  • Find out where your Ideal Client is hanging out and go there.  
  • Read what they say.
  • Find out what they need.
  • Participate in the activities they enjoy.  

Get to know your target audience in order to create content, products and services that resonate with them and you’ll automatically increase your website traffic.

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