ABOUT ME – CindyMcCamy


Hi, my name is Cindy McCamy! I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit where life was good for a kid! I was a huge tom boy and was always playing sports with my friends and made all the Tigers Games I could possibly attend! My parents always made sure we had everything we needed and even though my mom was a homemaker for a long time, she went back to work when I was in the 6th grade.

We lived comfortably but they both wanted to make improvements to the house and it was the only way they would have the money. I really missed my mom being home so I learned at a young age that sometimes you have to sacrifice time for money. 

My mom working also allowed me to go to college and graduate without debt! 

How huge is that? I had to work to pay my living expenses but my parents paying my books a tuition meant I didn't have to worry when I graduated about a huge debt hanging over my head. I will be forever grateful! 

Once I graduated college, I worked as High School Volleyball Coach and taught physical education for about 7 years.  I really learned the love of helping others to grow to their full potential during this time of my life.  It gave me great joy to see my students do things they never thought they could. I enjoyed my job for many years but then grew the love of learning about computers.

I went back to college and got a degree in Computer Programming and then I became corporate girl!  Eager to make good.

Not too many years into my JOB, I soon realized that I was really "overworked tech girl"!

I knew I wanted something different but I was too scared to step out of the comfort of a job and into the world of making it on my own. No matter how many years I stood on the outside looking in, I was unwilling to let go of the feeling of comfort that a regular paycheck gave me!  Deep down inside the burning desire to become my own boss would keep me looking for options to help me step over that line into entrepreneurship.

Finally after many years of looking, I found it! I found the opportunity to not only learn the things I needed to know about having an online business but also something I could grow while still working in Corporate America!  I didn't need to let go of my paycheck right away because I could work my side business on my lunch hours and my nights and weekends.

I have always been a bit of a nomad and traveled from place to place during my lifetime so settling on a business was no different for me. It had to be "just the right fit". 

My ride into entrepreneurship was a bumpy one at first. I think I hit every pothole in the road. This was an alien feeling for someone who in the past had no problem with making the tough calls and always hitting the target with my goals! 

I knew at times I was getting in my own way and sabotaging my own efforts but my mentors would always refocus me and I was back on track in no time.  I have grown so much from the education and mentorship I have received and now I am helping others do the same thing.

If you are ready to let go, ready to learn and ready to let someone help you drive... connect with me today for a FREE 30 Min Consult and let's get you started!!